Lunch Date in Dearborn


        Tuesdays. My favorite day of the week. My day off to do absolutely nothing or do whatever I please. Days off are always the best to run errands, be lazy af or just put a cute outfit on and get lunch with a friend, which I always end up doing. If you live in the Metro Detroit area like me,  there are always tons of foodie places to hit up, especially on a nice warm day.


     We decided to try Brome burger. First time for my friend, second time for me. Brome Burger is located right on Michigan Ave between Monroe and Mason st in Dearborn, Michigan. I really love the look of this place from the second you walk in. Cute, modern & fresh style with a menu to choose from right when you walk through the door. I like this option because you know how awkward it can be staring at a food menu for 30 mins still not knowing what you want.



   My friend and I split a side of the chili cheese tots which where SO delicious. She got the one-eyed brome burger, and I got the black angus beef original burger with fries.  I like that everything at Brome is 100% organic beef, non GMO and grass-fed. I can’t say honestly everything I eat has those qualities, but I can definitely appreciate the freshness of ingredients!


 Of course, I decided to be extra and boujie and get bottled Hawaiian volcanic water and also finally got to try colored macaroons! I’ve been dying to try these and the blueberry flavor was my absolute favorite.


  I apologize for the different lighting of these photos below, but I also wanted to share my ootd! I’m wearing a ribbed olive green top from Forever 21 +, mid-rise linen pants in the color amalgam from Old Navy, and wide strap black sandals from Payless shoesource.



   Thanks again for reading. Hello to any new followers! please like, share and comment if you have any favorite foodie spots to eat in Dearborn, Detroit or surrounding areas. ♡


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This post is not sponsored by anything I’ve mentioned. These are all my own honest opinions and my own photos. Thanks again!


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