Where I’ve been


Hi everyone! Still trying my hardest to post more, because I love blogging so much and love sharing things with you all.  I’ve been pretty busy with work, and recently came home from a weekend vacation. Last weekend,  I was in Atlanta, MI where my family cabin is. It was a 3 day weekend with my family  and it was a great getaway from reality.


My family cabin

Atlanta, MI


 We headed over to Rogers city, which was about a 45 min drive from our cabin. Rogers city is a really small city, but adorable and it was actually my first time visiting here. We walked along shore of Lake huron and it was super chilly but also beautiful.






 On the way back to our Cabin, we stopped at Ocqueoc Falls.  We walked through the trails and it was really pretty & magical.


Thanks for reading! Comment where you go in Northern Michigan during the summer or where your family cabins and cottages are.

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, Thank you to those reading and hello! to my new followers. My plan is to be posting at least once a week. My current ideas for my next blog post: “What’s in my purse?”, “Spring Beauty Haul ” and “Apartment hunting and tour”!  Stay tuned and expect more posts.


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