A Day In: Ann Arbor, MI


Hi Guys! Today I really just wanted to have a pretty laid back post today. I haven’t posted in 6 whole days on my YouTube and it’s bugging me a little bit 😦 I tried to film a couple of ideas and they just failed miserably due to lighting, angles and uploading issues. I really keep telling myself that I enjoy blogging as well as making videos so I just have to keep trying!  Other than that, I had a really fun weekend with Andy! We were able to spend time together just having lunch in Ann Arbor and I figured I’d share where we ate at.


So, we had lunch at a pretty low-key BBQ place right at the corner of Madison and Main St called Westside BBQ. Although I’m not a huge meat eater, I really love some good BBQ so we had to check this place out because of the reviews. We often use Yelp to find most of our food places! It’s a pretty small place, with only 1 big family table to share with strangers as well as a couple of picnic tables outside. It was a beautiful, breezy day so, we decided the picnic tables it is.


Andy got the brisket sandwich, and of course I had to get the baby-back ribs, yum. Unfortunately, coming from a mac and cheese loving gal, this wasn’t the best mac and cheese but that’s okay. I’d def recommend trying if you are in A2 for the day~


fullsizeoutput_5aa.jpeg      After Andy and I had lunch we casually walked around Downtown Ann Arbor just to see what was poppin’. I noticed they opened “DROUGHT” (cold-pressed juices) and we decided to stop there. The lady working here was soo sweet and I ended up getting a juice. I got a watermelony/cucumber flavor that had other jam packed nutrients in it. It was definitely not the worst drink I’ve ever had but.. it is an acquired taste I’ll leave it at that.


We hung out for a bit downtown and on our way out we got Ice cream at the Washtenaw Dairy! I got the yummy blueberry waffle cone ice cream and Andy got moosetracks.



Thanks for reading! please follow if you haven’t already  and comment this post if you guys would like. Where are your favorite chill spots to eat in Ann Arbor? Also, where are your favorite spots to take pictures?  Thanks for reading guys, everyone have a great week.

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